RedPanda Earth is a progressive deflationary token with animal charity use case focused on saving endangered species.

25Quads are stored in a multi-signature wallet (Gnosis Safe) for our Trustless Donations to Charity Wallet. All transactions are reviewed and voted by Charity Community for use. If you want to know more check our Pitch Deck and live Roadmap.

The safest place to buy $REDPANDA is Uniswap. Use a 7%-8% slippage

Total Supply (Q)
Total Tx

How it works

Locked liquidity

Unicrypt is used to maintain value and protect the community.

Profit by holding

Earn passive income with 2% of each transaction distributed to the holders.

Help threatened animals

25Quads will be donated. We love all animals and seek out worthy endeavors to fund and support.

Community driven

We believe in an honest and transparent approach. You can check our live roadmap and solve any doubt in our telegram channel.


Charity365 is a goal-oriented voyage down into uncharted territory. We plan on giving to 365 charities within 365 calendar days.


50% of the tokens burned at the start and 2% of each transaction is burn. This increases the inherent value of each token in circulation.



Step 1) Install Metamask

Go to project’s official website metamask.io and and install the extension in your web browser. Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge all support Metamask.

Click on “Create a Wallet” to make a new Ethereum wallet and follow the instructions. Be sure to store the seed phrase safely.

Step 2) Send ETH To Metamask

Now you can add funds to your wallet. Click on your wallet address to copy it, then send ETH to that address from an exchange.

You will see your balance in the lower portion of the wallet once your funds have been deposited.

Step 3) Connect To Uniswap

Go to uniswap.org and click the “Use Uniswap” button. When Metamask asks for your signature, go ahead and sign it.

Step 4) Swap for $REDPANDA

Now you can swap your ETH for REDPANDA. Set your slippage to 7-15% and add your desired ETH amount and the correct REDPANDA amount will be calculated.

Click on the Swap button to finalize the trade.


Indoex Azbit

About us

ReadPanda Earth is a community driven token. There are different areas formed by community members who want to help the cause. Any member can step up and help actively in any area where he thinks he could be useful.

All efforts are coordinated and guided by the Chief Strategy Officer Mike Petrillo, a community member with extensive experience in crypto, who joined the Redpanda in the early days.

Mike Petrillo

Chief Strategy Officer

Loyal community members

Frequently Asked Questions

Partner with us

Do you share our cause? If you think we are like-minded organizations or you have a similar project feel free to reach us via Telegram or email.

Email: admin@redpandatoken.com
Contact Us
Is the liquidity locked?

To protect our investors, the liquidity held in the pool token’s movement is locked with a time-based function . This means it can’t be moved or redeemed until a predefined time has passed.

This prevents presale token holders and founding developers from removing liquidity suddenly, and dropping the token value. In addition, REDPANDA has a fixed market cap with no additional token minting. The code of the contract is public .

How can I ensure I'm eligible for 2% rewards?

All you need to do is hold REDPANDA in your wallet, no extra steps necessary.

Why am I getting an error when trying to buy on Uniswap?

This is likely due to slippage. Click on the gear button in the top right of the window and set your slippage to 7%-8%.

Do you have a roadmap?

Our roadmap is a public Trello board. Check our up to date milestones at any time.

Do you have a whitepaper?

Check it here.

Can I buy using BNB?

No, REDPANDA is not on Binance Smart Chain yet.